Kama Sutra 2: Kempo Kid Gets the Karate Kids Ending in ‘Karate Kids’ video (Watch)

Video games are often associated with violence, but some games are actually designed to be more kind and compassionate.For instance, one of the most popular and successful games of all time, Mortal Kombat, was originally designed to instill a sense of kindness and empathy in players.It is still widely considered to be one of, if […]

‘I’m Not Getting Paid to Die’: How ‘Karate Kids’ Are Paying For Their Own Lives

KOREA, South Korea—A KOREAN karate instructor is sharing stories about the devastating consequences of living with HIV.As she tells the stories, the instructor, whose name we are not using, describes her daily life as she struggles with both physical and mental health problems.Her story, told in a new video, begins with the devastating news that […]

How to wear your kempo in a karate belt colors and styles

Kinematic, cool and sophisticated, the kempos karate belts are perfect for a stylish and stylish-looking style.In Australia, the sport is popularly known as karate.And it has become a big sport in the country.Karate has become so popular in the Asian country that a number of chains have popped up to offer kempoes, as well as […]