Why You Should See Karate Kids Trailer: Kids Are Just Like Us, Says Mom!

By now, most of you have heard about Karate Kid: The Karate Story, a new Karate movie that features kids from the world’s best Karate schools and a number of other iconic and memorable characters.The movie will also feature a number more recognizable faces from the Karate world, including Nick Cannon, John Leguizamo, Josh Stitt, […]

How to watch the best fights in karate. You can’t win. The fight of the century.

The film features many of the biggest names in kung fu, from Bruce Lee to Terry Lee to Bruce Willis.The film is the culmination of a decade of training and sparring by Jackie Chan, who trained with K1.Chan also starred in the documentary film, Karate Kid.The film tells the story of the first karate tournament, […]

How to use karate kit to train your children to be the best at what they do

How to do the “perfect” karate pose: How to position your body correctly to get your child the best shot.Karate Kit: Learn how to prepare for karate training with this simple, but powerful karate-training program.Learn the proper karate technique for each step of the program.The karate game is an artform that is practiced in many […]