John Cena vs. John Kmart for the WWE Tag Team Titles

John Cena and John KMart are getting a tag team bout for WWE Tag Teams Title Match.Kota Ibushi (Karate Chop) vs. Kota Ibuki (Kai-Budo) is the first match that WWE will broadcast live on WWE Network.The bout will be presented by WWE Hall of Famer Kota’s trainer, Brian Phillips, with John K’s trainer Davey Richards […]

Why Japanese have no interest in John McEnroe

JAPANESE JOKES ARE TAKING OVER THE WORLD.A recent poll showed that 70 percent of Japanese citizens are interested in a Japanese MMA promotion.But the Japanese media isn’t taking it seriously.Japan’s official MMA site, J-MMA, was recently flooded with comments that said the promotion was a bunch of douchebags.“I’m a little bit surprised,” said Takahiro Morishita, […]

How to use Japanese, Karate and Japanese culture to be an awesome karate teacher

The Japanese martial arts are the most popular form of fighting in Japan, but it’s not just the traditional fighting styles that have become popular in the modern era. We’ve all heard of the modern day karate master and the modern days samurai master, but what about the karate culture? For many years, karate teachers were required […]