Chuck Norris vs. Karate Kid 2010 – The Top 10 Games of All Time

Chuck Norris was a badass and a badass was good.But for most of us, the world’s greatest martial artist never saw himself that way. I guess you could say that Chuck Norris’ life was a nightmare from the start.His father, a karate master and professional fighter, was assassinated by a communist gang in his hometown of […]

How to watch Chuck Norris: The Chuck Norris Show – 14th Season

Chuck Norris and his children, Buck and Kiki, have been streaming the Chuck Norris shows since the early 90s.But their most recent foray into the streaming world is something even the most ardent fans of the show could not have predicted. The Chuck Norris Kids YouTube channel has uploaded an eight-minute video in which the family […]

Why Chuck Norris doesn’t really want kids anymore

It’s a little embarrassing, actually, that the former Chuck Norris character would put his children through an event that has no place in the world. He has a son and two daughters, all of whom have grown up, so there’s a sense of respect that comes with not having children.In an interview with Fox Sports’ Chuck […]

How to make sure you’re a good kid at karate: The world’s top karate instructor

Kids have been trained for karate since prehistoric times.They’ve fought and died at the hands of the greatest warriors in the world.But the discipline hasn’t always been so clear cut.And that’s why many karate schools have been accused of perpetuating and exploiting violence.A study published in the journal Psychological Science found that some karate teachers […]