‘Karate Kid’ Bandana: The Black Ninja Suit From ‘Karma Police’ and ‘The Punisher’

Black ninja costume is a staple in the American martial arts tradition.This karate kid bandanna is from the upcoming movie “The Punishers,” but its not the only one.“Karma police” and “The Avengers” are getting in on the ninja fun with their own Ninja Bandana.The bandana is the most iconic ninja outfit in karate.It features a […]

Babymetal: Karate Kid Streaming in America

Babymetal, the American band formed in 2010 by members of metalcore group Babymetal Japan, has been streaming live on YouTube since June 25.The band’s live show is often the first to hit YouTube in an attempt to get the attention of new fans.On Thursday, Babymetal’s video for “Babymetal Karate Dog” received more than 200,000 views.The […]

How ‘Karate Kid 2’ will end after two films (and ‘American Karate Kid’)

American karatekid 2 is ending its run with a sequel, according to the studio that produced it.Karatekid 3 is the second movie to make its way to the big screen after American Karatekid, the second installment of the series that premiered in 1990.It was directed by Michael Arndt and stars James McAvoy, Daniel Craig, Kristen […]