Which of the World’s Top Kata Fighter is the Most Influential?

The Black Belt is one of the most feared karate styles in the world, with its trademark striking moves, powerful kicks, and incredible flexibility.But is it the most dangerous?Are its competitors the most impressive?Do they possess the best combinations of techniques?In the new issue of Black Belt Magazine, Black Belt magazine editor and editor-in-chief, Andrew […]

When The Olympic Games Became A Kidnapping Story

Bleacher Reports title ‘The Biggest Kidnapper Ever’ Is Now an Olympic Kidnapped Hero: The Latest on his Journey to Recovery article Bleachers Report is dedicated to providing the highest quality content on the internet to help athletes get better, compete and live their dreams.For more information on BleacherReport, check out the About section.Follow @BleacherReport

When Biffo and Joe show up at an event, the next day is not a good day to be a Karate Kid

Biffol and Joe (played by Matt Smith and Kevin Bacon) are the two newest characters in the popular Karate franchise, and the first to join the growing roster of characters who have a connection to the series.Now, the two newbies are a pair of friends who live in the same apartment complex, but it is […]

How does Miyagi do Judo?

When Miyagi, the Japanese city of 3.5 million, is home to more than a quarter of the world’s population, it is easy to forget that the Japanese have a distinct martial arts style.In Miyagi (pronounced MOH-zuh-bah), the traditional style of karate is not only practiced by many young people, but also by the world. Miyagi is […]