Why does the word “karate” make people want to punch you in the face?

What’s the difference between karate and karate-like martial arts?

Why do people who don’t know much about martial arts want to kick you in your ass?

What are the differences between the karate styles and the other styles of fighting?

Here’s our list of the key differences between kung fu and karaoke.


KARATE: It’s a fighting art that focuses on kicking and punching.

It is generally associated with Japanese and Chinese martial arts.

It involves striking an opponent with your fist and throwing them with a kick.

The style is often depicted in films and cartoons, and has been used by Japanese and other Asian countries.


KARAOKE: This style is traditionally seen in Western movies, but also in Korean dramas, as well as in Japanese TV and manga.


AQUATIC: This is an older form of karate that focuses more on kicking.

In a karate tournament, participants use their bodies to hit their opponent with a variety of kicks and punches.


KICK-ASS: This form of martial arts is more violent and uses the punch, kick, and knee to knock someone off their feet.

The name refers to a kung-fu fighting style.


MECHANIC: In this style, the person kicks someone’s leg, knocking them down and breaking their arm.


TANKING: This technique involves kicking and punches with one hand.

It was originally a form of combat among tribal people in ancient times.


BODYBUILDING: In a bodybuilding tournament, a competitor tries to get their opponent to explode with their fists while he or she is standing on their back, with the bodybuilding competitors standing close together.


HANDSOME: This term refers to someone who has a strong body and can withstand blows with little or no injury.


ASTRONAUTIC: A person who is very good at fighting or doing anything involving martial arts, which is known as an expert or “superman.”

A skilled person can survive a beating, even if their body is broken.


DANCE: This type of martial art involves dancing or gymnastics with one or more hands.


JAPANESE: This name is derived from the Japanese word for “foreign,” which means “foreigner.”

Japanese people have a long history of mixing and mingling with other races and cultures, which means the word can be used in a variety in terms of race, ethnicity, and even religion.


KENMA: This art originated in China, where it was originally known as jiu-jitsu.


LANGUAGE: This means different from other martial arts in that the art uses hand signals and gestures to convey a message.


FIGHTING: A martial art that involves hitting someone with a blunt object or using a weapon with force that is not intended for the purpose of inflicting serious injury.

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