How to Create a Kombat-like Action Figure with LEGO Batman 3

A few years ago, I was invited to the Lego Ideas community to make a karate kit.As you can see in the video below, the karate kumiko is based on the popular “Kumiko” figure from the Japanese series, and it includes a pair of interchangeable hands.I was eager to make it, and I thought I’d […]

Which of the World’s Top Kata Fighter is the Most Influential?

The Black Belt is one of the most feared karate styles in the world, with its trademark striking moves, powerful kicks, and incredible flexibility.But is it the most dangerous?Are its competitors the most impressive?Do they possess the best combinations of techniques?In the new issue of Black Belt Magazine, Black Belt magazine editor and editor-in-chief, Andrew […]

Why does the word “karate” make people want to punch you in the face?

What’s the difference between karate and karate-like martial arts?Why do people who don’t know much about martial arts want to kick you in your ass?What are the differences between the karate styles and the other styles of fighting?Here’s our list of the key differences between kung fu and karaoke.1.KARATE: It’s a fighting art that focuses […]

How to Make a K-1 Japanese Fighter Fighter Jet With $150,000 in Funds

The first-generation fighter jet that could rival the mighty F-22 Raptor is being built by an obscure Japanese company and is being funded by a billionaire who has pledged millions of dollars in campaign donations to Democrats.The fighter jet, called the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter, is being produced by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and the Japanese […]

How to train karate to learn the basics of karate

It’s no secret that we love karate.We can’t help but spend countless hours watching videos on YouTube, reading guides and tutorials, and sometimes even attending our local karate club.But what many people don’t realize is that learning the basics is not as simple as it seems.Here’s how to take the basics out of kata and […]

Which countries have the most people fighting each other?

The first step to solving the global problem of people fighting in the street is understanding who’s actually fighting.But there are some countries that have become particularly aggressive, and those are also some of the countries where you can find people who are fighting.In the U.S., there’s a large number of young men and women […]

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