How to get a karat-studded ring for $100 from

The karat is a fancy term for gold, and is one of the most sought after in the world.

But you can get a very good deal for your money with an old fashioned ring, according to a brand new video.

The video, which was uploaded to YouTube on Monday, shows a man, who claims to be a “karate fan,” walking into an Amazon store.

The man, wearing a gold karate gee shirt, pants and a blue karate belt, tells the sales assistant to buy him a pair of the ring, which sells for $10.

The assistant tells the man that he’ll need a $20 deposit to make the purchase, and that he can pay for the entire amount at the checkout.

The assistant then walks away.

As soon as the sales associate returns, the video cuts to a different location, where the man, in a white shirt, shorts and black karate pants, can be seen walking back to his car.

The store owner, who is seen laughing and applauding the saleswoman, is seen walking toward the customer.

He walks up to the customer and says: “Hey, that was a nice ring, man.”

The man tells the customer that the rings are a great deal, and says that he will give him $100 if he lets him keep the ring.

The man then walks to the cashier and asks her to tell him where to buy the ring for him.

She tells him to come back to the counter.

He then leaves, leaving the cash register empty.

The customer, who has walked up to an Amazon employee and asked for a ring, is then seen asking for a cashier to give him a free pair of gloves.

As the customer walks away, he yells: “I want a karate ring!

I want a fucking karate!

I wanna get that fucking karate!”

After watching the video, Amazon said that the man’s comment was “not in line with our values as a company and as a brand.”

“We’re aware of the comments made on social media by one of our associates,” the company said in a statement.

“The employee made the comment and the company takes any and all inappropriate comments seriously.

Amazon does not tolerate such conduct and will take appropriate action.”

A spokesperson for Amazon said the company was “deeply concerned by these comments.”

Amazon also released a statement on the video: “This is not how we treat customers and associates.

It is a terrible example of what Amazon is all about.

We are committed to providing customers with great value, and we have policies in place to help ensure that all our associates and customers are treated fairly.”

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