How to make karate boy two: make it fit in a blender

A karate teacher and his son are learning to make a kid in the traditional Japanese style.

The father, Nobuichi Okazaki, is teaching karate to his three-year-old son, Kiyoshi, who’s also a student at the Kato-Uchi karate academy.

He has to be very careful because he is trying to create a child with an authentic karate-like feel, and he has to keep the karate shoes on, as well.

This is why the parents, Nobutoshi, his wife, and their children are all wearing karate attire in the video.

The karate pants and shin guards are the same as they are worn in real life.

The dad wears the black shirt with the katakana letter K, the black belt with the K, and the black pants, which is the kata.

The mom wears the blue kimono with the long black skirt, the white skirt, and a black cap with the kanji kata, which means “peace.”

The kids are dressed up as their kata and are making fun of each other by pointing and making fun at each other, and there’s even a dance between the katsuri-ryu, the traditional form of Japanese martial arts, and katas, the fighting styles of the modern day.