When the Karate Kid Was a Brown Belt in Japan

When the world saw the Karat Jewelry and Jewelry Show that the Karatsky Kids did in Japan, we had no idea what to expect.

Karat, a martial arts and karate school, had a long history in Japan.

In the early 20th century, the first Japanese master of karate in the world, Yoshiro Kato, founded a school in Tokyo, where Karat was based.

Yoshiro was a well-known karate instructor and kung fu master, and Karat became a popular Japanese martial art.

Yoshimura Masahiko, the head of the school, is also known for his famous “kata-tai,” a style of kung-fu practiced in the traditional style of Karat.

The Karat School had a very positive impact on Japanese culture and society, and became an important source of kenjutsu in Japan for generations.

After the war, Yoshimura founded the Karatan Hall of Fame, which became a major cultural and educational institution in Japan and is still active today.

The name Karatan is derived from Karatoshan, a Sanskrit term meaning “king of heaven,” and translates to “a shining king.”

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