When the Internet is your friend

It’s been an interesting time for karate training.The world is now obsessed with the latest gadgets and technology, and there’s nothing quite like karate.But, there’s also nothing quite as fun as being in the karate ring.In India, you can get a chance to spar in front of hundreds of other students in the local gym, […]

How to find a good, black belt in karate?

You may be wondering, “Where can I find a black belt?”.Well, that’s easy.Check out this article and find out how to find the perfect black belt.Black belts are typically from a certain martial arts school, and they are the ones who can help you develop the best possible martial art.The more advanced the martial art, […]

When the world gets karate, you can now watch it on TV with karate films

A brand new karate movie series called Karate Kid Belt is set to debut this autumn, with new karate movies, a tie karate ring and a brand new kid bandanna.The first three movies will be released on the company’s VOD platform on October 11 and will be priced at €7.99 each.Each movie is made by […]

Which fighter is the best in Karate Champ?

By Football Italia staff A new Kombat champ has emerged from the shadows to make a name for himself in the Kombat arena.The Italian star, named Antonio Calatrava, is a former world champion in the karate style and has also played for other promotions, such as Ring of Honor.The 26-year-old is currently training in Italy, […]

What You Need To Know About K-Mart’s $100,000 Record Store Day Set

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