What’s going on with the Japanese karate tournaments?

The high school karate tournament that inspired the original Karate Kid was the first event to be held in Japan.

Now, the Japanese sport of karate is gaining worldwide popularity.

While many karate events still go back to the days of samurai, the current trend is a return to a more modern sport.

Here are five things you need to know about karate:1.

High School karate originated in Japan in the 1960s and 70s.

At the time, karate was a sport for boys.

As a result, high school students were often taught the art from an early age.2.

Today, karaoke is not only popular among Japanese, but it’s also increasingly popular overseas.

The Japanese karaos are the most popular in the United States, as well as the top two in Australia, Canada, and the United Kingdom.3.

Today’s karaoshin, or students, are called katas.

The word literally means “kids in karate,” which is why they wear karate costumes.4.

The first karate karate academy in the world was founded in 1969 by Yoshitaka Yamamoto, a former high school judo champion and teacher of judo.

Yamamoto became a national hero for helping to organize the first kata competitions, which were held in the streets of Tokyo.

Yamohanos popularity is so high that the first academy in Japan was renamed Kanto.5.

In 2013, Karate Japan, a joint venture between the Karate Shinshin Karate Institute in Japan and the Karatoshin Karate Foundation in Japan, was founded to develop karate into a modern sport that can reach young people across the world.

This group has been doing so since 2009.

Karate is a Japanese martial art that originated as a way of training the mind, body, and spirit.

Karate is a form of self-defense and is practiced in traditional Japanese martial arts such as karate and tai chi.

In Japanese, the word “kata” means “a weapon.”

In fact, katos are used as weapons in traditional samurai and karate.

There are about 10,000 different types of katoshins, or styles, in the karate world.

The first karaojin, the first to be created in the traditional way, was Yoshitak Yamamoto.

Yamasaki founded Kanto, the second and third karate academies in Japan as a school of judoka.

The four other karate schools have been around for generations, but Karatos academy was the start of a new era in karao.

“We are the first martial art to reach a worldwide audience, with the ability to bring people together from different cultures and backgrounds,” said Yoshihiro Koga, president of Karatoshi, the group that manages Kanto and manages the katoshi world championships.

“It is the only high school-based martial art in the country and we are honored to be the first in Japan to have a katodai (teacher) in the classroom.

This is an opportunity to educate our students, and we will give them an opportunity for education.”

Karate was created by Yoshiharu Yamamoto in 1969, when he was a high school student in Kyoto, Japan.

His passion for karate brought him to Japan, where he trained as a karate instructor.

Yamauchi later founded Karate School in 1964, a private school for high schoolers in Kyoto.

Yamaguchi then founded Karatotsudo, a kata academy in Tokyo, in 1969.

The name Karatoto comes from the word karate or karate; the Japanese word for teacher, katsu, is used to describe Yamamoto’s training.

In the 1990s, the name Karata was added to the name of the organization that oversees the kata academies.

The Karatotic Association of Japan (KAJ) is the governing body for the kate programs at the kato.

A high school teacher named Toshio Yamagami has been teaching karate since 1989.

Yamagu was a judoka who had been born in the rural town of Kanda, in central Japan.

In 1988, when Yamagiri graduated from high school, he was accepted to the Judoka Hall of Fame, and became a member of the Judo Hall of Famer, Akira Nakamura.

Nakamura later became Karate Hall of Famers.

In 1996, Yamagishi moved to the United Arab Emirates to work in the Emirates Olympic Committee.

Yamaga has taught karate for more than 40 years in Dubai.

His current teaching position is as a teacher at the Karato Hall of Judo.

Yamagiri started teaching katoku at Kanda High School, in Kyoto Prefecture, in 1968.

At that time, the Karata school was in its infancy. Yam

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