How to watch Chuck Norris: The Chuck Norris Show – 14th Season

Chuck Norris and his children, Buck and Kiki, have been streaming the Chuck Norris shows since the early 90s.

But their most recent foray into the streaming world is something even the most ardent fans of the show could not have predicted. 

The Chuck Norris Kids YouTube channel has uploaded an eight-minute video in which the family discusses how the world of Chuck Norris movies and TV is evolving and how Chuck Norris is a part of it.

The video, which is currently ranked the ninth most viewed YouTube video in history, features Chuck Norris talking about his childhood and his interest in making movies and television.

It’s a surprisingly frank and honest interview that shows off the breadth of Chuck’s knowledge and insight into his family. 

In the video, Chuck Norris, his children Buck and Kid, and his daughter Kiki are discussing their favorite films and shows of all time, and the evolution of their favorite family members.

In a statement, Chuck and his wife, Nancy, said that they were so excited to be able to share the interview with fans.

The Chucks have always been interested in learning more about the world around them and about the things they love. 

“Our hope is that our interview with the Chuck and Nancy Norris Kids channel will spark conversations about what we are learning and why we love these movies and shows, and hopefully inspire our children to look at movies in a new way,” Chuck said in the statement.

“We hope the Chuck-NancyKids channel will provide an exciting and fun place for children to connect and learn about the many great things about movies and the world that surround us.”

For more on the Chucks, watch the clip below: