How to get rid of a bad haircut

Gold karat scales are a new craze among karate instructors, and now they’re being sold online.

But how to make the most of a good haircut?

In the video above, gold karate instructor Koyuki Fujisaki shows us how to get the best out of a normal haircut.

Here are some tips:First, pay attention to the style of your haircut.

The gold karate scale looks better if it’s done well.

So take a closer look and see if you can spot the best points.

Second, be careful not to touch the hair with your fingers.

That’s because the hair will have a tendency to fall out if you do.

And you may not get the proper amount of curl and volume if you touch it.

So it’s best to leave it for a few minutes to let the natural oils and oils of your hair soak into the hair.

Third, when the hair is wet, don’t touch it too tightly.

You’ll end up with a loose hair texture that’s not as appealing.

You should also avoid pulling the hair out of the way when you’re using the karate scale.

Fourth, it’s a good idea to keep your hair out for at least an hour before you start using it.

The more you use it, the less it’ll get used to it and the less likely it will fall out.

So you may want to use it only a couple of times before you put it on again.

Finally, if you have long hair, keep it loose, and don’t twist it too much, it will help it to dry quicker.

Koyuki is a Gold Karate Instructor at Gold Karates Academy in Orlando, Florida.

Follow her on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.

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