How the Trump administration is ‘stacking the deck’ against the press

The Trump administration has been stacking the deck against the media, rolling out new restrictions and regulations to try to suppress the news, even as its press secretary has said the administration is trying to build a “media wall.”

The White House has announced new rules to block “untruthful and inflammatory statements” made by the president, including barring journalists from covering meetings with the president.

It also said that journalists who publish stories about the president must obtain the White House’s approval before publishing their stories.

Trump has been trying to make his administration the “media president,” despite his pledge to keep the press out of his administration, but it appears the White the administration has put in place to do so has been a complete failure.

The latest effort came from the White house press secretary Sean Spicer, who told reporters on Monday that the WhiteHouse is “stacking its deck against” the media.

“There’s a new rule that will apply to the press,” Spicer said.

“The WhiteHouse will be issuing a press release tomorrow that says this is going to apply to you.

This rule, which has already been put in effect by the White Houses Office of Communications, was not made public but is likely to be made public by next week. “

We will be enforcing this new rule as much as we can to prevent you from reporting on this administration.”

This rule, which has already been put in effect by the White Houses Office of Communications, was not made public but is likely to be made public by next week.

The Trump White House also has a policy prohibiting journalists from “obtaining” a White House meeting with the President, which will be enforced by the administration’s “press freedom” team.

Trump administration press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, however, was quick to clarify that reporters will not be penalized by the Trump WhiteHouse for covering a meeting with Trump.

“It’s not true that the administration will be imposing new regulations that we haven’t already issued,” she said.

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