The Art of Kicking Back

“I thought it was funny,” says Mike Hagen, the son of former professional karate champion Ken Hagen who teaches at the Karate Kit Academy in Washington, D.C. “I wasn’t too surprised.It’s the art of kicking back.”It’s also the art at which Hagen grew up.Born in California, the Hagen family was raised in the shadow of […]

Top 5 best karate uniforms for kids

TOP 5 BEST KARATE UNIQUES FOR KIDS Karate uniform name Karate uniform brand Karate Uniform brand karate porn Karate for Kids Karate in America Karate school uniform Karate gym uniforms Karate uniforms for parents Karate-branded apparel Karate toys Karate t-shirts and mats Karate clothes and karate gear Karate accessories Karate DVDs Karate video games Karate […]

New Polygon

A new paks karaoke machine has gone live on the site.The karaoking machine uses a custom, proprietary system that allows users to create their own soundtracks to go with their clips.Polygon first reported about the machine on Twitter last week.Polygons Karaoke system allows for users to share music from their own playlist and have their […]

Which characters from the popular karate movie are your kids gonna be fighting?

Axios users were quick to tweet about the upcoming movie, which is set in the 1980s, which has been nominated for two Academy Awards, the best picture and best director awards.The movie is set to debut on June 22.Karate Kid toys have become one of the hottest brands in recent years.The toys, which feature characters […]

How to watch the best fights in karate. You can’t win. The fight of the century.

The film features many of the biggest names in kung fu, from Bruce Lee to Terry Lee to Bruce Willis.The film is the culmination of a decade of training and sparring by Jackie Chan, who trained with K1.Chan also starred in the documentary film, Karate Kid.The film tells the story of the first karate tournament, […]

What’s going on with the Japanese karate tournaments?

The high school karate tournament that inspired the original Karate Kid was the first event to be held in Japan.Now, the Japanese sport of karate is gaining worldwide popularity.While many karate events still go back to the days of samurai, the current trend is a return to a more modern sport.Here are five things you […]