When Biffo and Joe show up at an event, the next day is not a good day to be a Karate Kid

Biffol and Joe (played by Matt Smith and Kevin Bacon) are the two newest characters in the popular Karate franchise, and the first to join the growing roster of characters who have a connection to the series.

Now, the two newbies are a pair of friends who live in the same apartment complex, but it is not long before they begin to fall in love.

The new characters share a love for Karate, but have very different approaches to it, with Biffocan coming from a martial arts background and Joe from a sports background.

In their first few episodes, they are able to work together to become the best Karate Kids they can be, as Biffos character, the Karate Guy, is able to become unbeatable in the ring.

When the Karates are first introduced, they get along well with each other, but quickly become separated.

The relationship quickly gets complicated when the Karatas family discovers they are the only two of the Karats in the area, which means that they can’t stay at their apartment together, which is where the new characters start their Karate adventures.

Biffo is a Karates Kid who trains for fights with other Karates.

He also has a knack for making people happy, with his cheerful personality and ability to entertain people, making him an ideal partner for Joe.

Joe is a fighter who is able, with a little help from his family, to become unstoppable in the fight game.

The Karates also have a lot of similarities in appearance and personalities.

Both Biff and Joe are tall, athletic men with light skin and blonde hair.

Joe has a blue and red belt in Karate and Biffa has brown and gold belts.

Biff also has blue hair, while Joe is blond.

Both are also both Karate masters.

They also have the same tattoos: the Karas logo on the back of their neck and the Kara symbol on the top of their head.

Their styles of Karate are also very similar, with Joe’s trademark left hook, and Bufo’s trademark right hook.

They are also known to both wear masks.

Joe also has his trademark black belt, which he also uses to fight in fights.

Bufi wears his belt in a red and gold belt with a gold buckle, and his other belt is a blue one with a yellow buckle.

BIFF has black hair, black gloves and red pants.

While Biff does have a stronger personality, Joe does have more fun and has more friends.

 Their relationship also has its flaws.

Befi and Joe start a relationship that will only get worse when they both get into Karate.

Biffs personality, as well as Bufos, is that of a fighter.

Joe starts to act more like a friend, but Biff is the opposite.

BFF is the most popular character in the series, with people who love him because he is cool.

Joe will say things like “We can’t get along, but I will make you my friend,” which means he will do anything for Biff.

Joe and BFF do have a little bit of rivalry, but not as much as Joe and Joe, who have had their differences in their relationship.

It was also revealed in the episode “Biff is Out of Control” that Biff has a crush on his friend, Sarah.

This means that Joe and Sarah will have a special relationship for a long time to come, even though Biff will probably never be able to see her again.

I know it’s been a while since we’ve seen Biff, but he’s finally here!

He’s a real Karate guy!

And he’s not afraid to take risks!

And this is what he wants to be known for!

This is the Karamu Kid, the real deal.

Bully Biff!

The characters first episode, “Bufo and the Gang,” airs on March 20 on Netflix.

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