Why Japanese have no interest in John McEnroe


A recent poll showed that 70 percent of Japanese citizens are interested in a Japanese MMA promotion.

But the Japanese media isn’t taking it seriously.

Japan’s official MMA site, J-MMA, was recently flooded with comments that said the promotion was a bunch of douchebags.

“I’m a little bit surprised,” said Takahiro Morishita, a journalist in Tokyo.

“It’s the kind of stuff that you hear about in Japan.

But this is something new.

You can tell that the Japanese MMA scene is very interested.”

Morishits comments were made on the website of the country’s top MMA promotion, JMM.

Morishit is a journalist for the Japanese daily newspaper, Kyodo News.

The JMM website, which has over 300,000 readers, features a series of stories that report on Japanese MMA.

Most of the stories are based on Japanese interviews with fighters.

The most popular article of the series, which focuses on the exploits of Japanese MMA stars, was written by Morishis friend, Tomohiro Saito.

Saito is a former professional boxer.

He is the co-owner of Japan’s most popular MMA gym, Shido Dojo.

It’s not clear if the article Saito wrote was part of the promotional efforts of the JMM, but the website has also published articles by fighters who have competed in Japan’s highest-level MMA promotion in recent years.

The latest article, published on March 18, was titled “The Future of Japan.”

It said: In the near future, MMA will become the dominant sport in Japan, a sport that will have no parallel in history.

It will replace boxing and kickboxing as the world’s best sport.

The article is a bit more subtle than the articles from the past, but its message is clear: The Japanese MMA industry is on its way to becoming the most successful sport in the world.

This, in part, is because of the popularity of Japanese martial arts.

The website also published an article titled “Shido Doji, the Japanese martial art that is going to revolutionize the world.”

In it, the website quotes former UFC fighter and UFC president Dana White: “Shida is one of the most powerful martial arts in the history of mankind, and it’s a sport we will compete in in the future.

It is a sport where you fight to the death, you take on the strongest fighters, you do everything in your power to defeat the opponent.”

White has been promoting Shido since 2003, when he first started training in the martial art in his hometown of Tokyo.

White’s website also includes stories about Japanese martial artists, and there are a few videos on YouTube of UFC fighters training in Shido.

But Morishitas piece about the Shido promotional effort doesn’t mention White.

In the article, he says that Japanese MMA fans are interested, but it’s not the kind they’re used to hearing.

“Japanese fans are more interested in the fact that they see a fighter in the ring,” Morishitto said.

“That’s what they expect, but they’re not getting it.”

Morishes article says the “Japanese MMA scene” is also interested in American fighters, but he didn’t give a specific reason.

In an email to The Daily Beast, a representative for the J-MM said the website is an independent outlet and that Morishites comments were based on an interview with Saito, who was not interviewed for this article.

In a separate email, a JMM representative said Morishitts article is “based on a story we shared with him.”


Morishito’s article is based on a video he made with Japanese journalist Masahiko Kawakami, who is the CEO of JMM and the author of several books on the martial arts, including the book “Karate: The Greatest Martial Art of the World.”

Moritzit’s video features the two sparring on the mats of a ring.

Moritzits video shows the fighter kicking the ground with his hands and feet, which is a classic example of Shido, but Moritzita says the video is just a rough draft of the story.

The fighter was shown throwing his opponent’s legs out of the way and then throwing a left hook to the stomach.

Morits article also says the fight started when the fighter punched his opponent twice.

Moritizites version of events was told to the media by Saito himself, who said the video showed the fighter repeatedly punching his opponent.

Morkishits version of the fight was not corroborated by Saita.

Moris video was shown to the press and Moritzites version was also corroborated, Moritzitts representative said.

But no one interviewed by Moritzetts representative confirmed that the fight actually took place.

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