What is karatekid? | Why it is the most popular martial art in India?

The martial art of karate is known in India as Karatekid, and is a tradition of Japanese samurai warriors.

It is based on the traditional martial arts of Chinese martial arts, with its practitioners trained in traditional karate and other traditional Chinese martial techniques.

The word karate comes from the Japanese word “kata”, which means “to throw”.

The word kara means “sword”.

According to Wikipedia, the karate of Japan is divided into two types of kata: the “traditional” type, which emphasizes technique and discipline and emphasizes submission, and the “modern” type that emphasizes “pure” power and powerlessness.

The traditional kata is known as karate.

The karate style has become popular in India because of its emphasis on physical and psychological discipline.

It focuses on physical discipline and has the highest success rate of practitioners.

The karate discipline involves the body striking and throwing the opponent, with the opponent falling to the ground and then standing back up.

This technique is known for its powerlessness and flexibility, as it allows for the practitioner to move around freely and strike opponents with minimal force.

The “modern karate” is also known for it’s flexibility and power.

The modern karate has been practiced in India for hundreds of years.

Karate has come to be associated with the martial arts in India.

According to Wikipedia , the traditional kamikaze school of kamishigaku (kamisama, kamisamurai) teaches karate to students in the early 1900s.

The school taught traditional Japanese karate from the time of the Tokugawa shogunate.

Today, karate kamishesas are a part of the history of the martial art, with over 3,000 schools in India and more than 100,000 students in India training.

The practice of kung fu in India has also been around for thousands of years, and has evolved over time.

The traditional kakugan karate in India, which is the oldest form of kumite karate, has been practised since the mid-13th century.

In 1881, the founder of kakudo, Shigenobu Okumura, published the first edition of the kakudan kumisama.

In that edition, he wrote, “A kumizan is the body-fighting school of the Kamehameha Sutra, and it is not a karate school.

It teaches kung-fu and its rules to a general audience.”

Okumura also noted that, “The traditional Kata is called karate because it is based upon the martial principles of the sword.

This is because it was considered a weapon for the samurai and the kamitsukami, the ancient martial arts.”

Karatekansa is the term used for the kumiyama-ryu, which means the kata of the traditional Japanese sword arts.

The term karatekani means “the martial art” in the original Japanese.

According to the history book, Kata-ryu: The History of Karate in Japan , karate started in the pre-Sengoku period.

This period is referred to as the Golden Age of Japan, which included the Tokushu period, the Toki period, and several other periods.

The book explains that the katana was the weapon of the samurai for centuries, and that its origins are still in the Kami, a mythical land in the mountains of Japan.

According, the first karate master was Shogunsu, who was born in 1182 AD in what is now the southwestern town of Kumamoto.

Shogusu was a master of kasuga-ryu karate which is kata that focuses on the sword arts, which has evolved from karate as it is known today.

Kusanryu kasugan (or “sword of kosan”) is a style of kusan-ryu that focuses primarily on karate fighting.

It was founded in 1397 by the Tokusu warrior Toshisama Shigekuni, who is also credited with the development of the swordsmanship of kendo.

Shigeksa, or Shigesao, is also referred to by the name “Miyamoto Musashi”.

In the late 1600s, a number of kenjutsu masters began teaching karate classes in Japan.

By the time Musashi became famous, he was teaching kasugenryu, or sword of the gods, kata.

Musashi, who became famous for his teachings, also invented the kusankyu or sword fighting style known as “kumikaze”.

The kumikage is based around the idea of striking the opponent with the sword against their body, and using the power of the opponent to defeat them.

In this style, the opponent can be hit with a large amount of

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