How to watch a boxing match without any wires

The World Boxing Association’s announcement that it will no longer accept the use of gloves or a helmet in future tournaments has caused many to wonder how the sport can be held to the same standard.

Auckland boxer Jake Loyd says he is going to wear gloves and a helmet, and hopes to bring back the tradition of boxing in the city.

The decision to ban the use in the future of gloves, helmets and other non-essential equipment was made last month after a series of fatalities at the Auckland Boxing Club in the early hours of this morning.

The World Boxing Organisation says it is following a review of the issue, which found a large number of gloves and helmets were being used without proper gloves, which could lead to serious injuries.

The organisation said it was working on making sure all venues in Auckland use gloves and other protective equipment to protect their athletes and fans.

The WBA said it is aware of the issues that have been identified and is working on a solution.

It said it would look to make it possible for players and referees to wear protective gear when playing in front of the home crowd, and to make sure that equipment is available at all venues.

The International Boxing Federation said it had also received a similar report from the WBA.

It said it has agreed with the WBC to look into the matter.

In a statement to ABC Radio New Zealand, a spokesperson for the IBF said:”The IBF is aware that the WBO is considering the issue of gloves worn in the ring, and is exploring this possibility with WBA President Tony Adams.

The WBO will continue to support gloves and protective equipment used at the event.”

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