Why Chuck Norris doesn’t really want kids anymore

It’s a little embarrassing, actually, that the former Chuck Norris character would put his children through an event that has no place in the world. He has a son and two daughters, all of whom have grown up, so there’s a sense of respect that comes with not having children.In an interview with Fox Sports’ Chuck […]

Stars star Kamol Bajaj named MVP of the Year

Kamol “Kamol” Bajabaj is a 16-year-old rookie in the United States of Hockey, a country that has been a haven for many talented American players, including Kamol himself.His father, who is an American, was an American hockey player who played with the Chicago Blackhawks.His mother, a South African, was a South Africa-born player who was […]

When Biffo and Joe show up at an event, the next day is not a good day to be a Karate Kid

Biffol and Joe (played by Matt Smith and Kevin Bacon) are the two newest characters in the popular Karate franchise, and the first to join the growing roster of characters who have a connection to the series.Now, the two newbies are a pair of friends who live in the same apartment complex, but it is […]