What happened when a young Japanese fighter lost a title fight?

By Josh GittesCNN”The UFC is in trouble,” UFC president Dana White said during a recent media event.

“They don’t have the money they need to get back to where they were.

That’s why they’re trying to sell you on a fake deal with the Japanese promotion.”

White said he’s spoken with Japanese officials, who told him the UFC is trying to get money back to Japan through a Japanese promotion.

But UFC president Lorenzo Fertitta said the company is “not going to get paid.”

White has not made any public comments on this subject, but he did have some insight into why UFC Japan is trying so hard to make a fake title fight.

White told reporters in Japan that he knows UFC Japan officials are trying to put a new title on the line with a fake fight.

White said the promotion wants to make sure the UFC makes a good impression in Japan and has no intention of paying for the fight.

“They’re not going to pay for the title,” White said.

“If you see what we’re doing with this fight, they’re paying for that title.”

White’s comments came after a UFC media event in Tokyo, where he said the UFC was in talks with a Japanese promoter.

White said that Japanese officials told him UFC officials have been in contact with Japanese fighters for a number of years.

White, who was asked about a potential title fight between Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt Ronda Rousey and Brazilian kickboxer Uriah Hall, didn’t say whether the promotion was negotiating a title with Rousey.

White also said that UFC Japan was trying to make the fight a draw and a big-time event, and he said it’s “not a fight for the pay-per-view.”

“We’re not interested in the pay per view,” White told reporters.

“It’s not for the UFC to make money.”

White added that he’s not looking at the fight as a fight that would draw viewers.

White was referring to the UFC’s plan to host an event that could draw tens of millions of dollars in attendance.UFC president Dana Lauer has said the fight will likely be promoted by Japanese sports broadcaster Fuji TV, who also have a history of trying to create fights for the promotion.