How to keep your friends and family safe while playing the latest video games

Playing video games can have a positive impact on your health, but it can also make you feel uncomfortable.Here are some tips to help keep your games and social interactions safe.1.Stay safe and active.When playing games, keep your eyes peeled for a bright light.Stay away from bright objects like lights, mirrors, and even windows.2.Keep your […]

The sato-karate kid with a bad taste in movies

The satos have been everywhere since the original sato was invented.From the “Gangnam Style” movie, the classic “The Breakfast Club” TV show, the upcoming “Zooey Deschanel” movie and the “Ghostbusters” movie.But the satos most famous and popular are the kids movies.They are often filmed in a way that is intended to make the kid look […]

SpongeBob Karate Headband: What to Expect

The SpongeBob SquarePants SpongeBob Parody Headband is the newest headband to hit the market.The headband is made of a lightweight plastic and features a SpongeBob sticker that’s embossed with the name of the character’s family.The SpongeBobs trademark is used in a variety of places throughout the series.The spongebob sticker is not actually SpongeBob, but is […]

2-year-old girl dies in police custody after being thrown from car in Vancouver

A 2-month-old baby girl has died in custody after she was thrown from a moving car in downtown Vancouver, police said.Officers responding to a call of a car crash at a downtown intersection Monday found a 2-week-old and a toddler inside.The toddler, wearing a face mask, was rushed to hospital, but the infant died.Vancouver police […]

How did you start karate? Tommy Karate is back with 10Karat gold stance

I started karate in 1987 at age 7 and I’ve been doing it ever since.I first started kata around my mid-teens and it’s still my favorite.My stance is my absolute favorite.I really love kata, especially when it comes to fighting.Karate is all about your opponent’s mindset and their strength.You have to use your opponent to […]