What would your next ‘karate’ playlist be?

After the massive kerfuffle over the original “karate” meme that caused a major stir, people are understandably wondering if the original will ever see the light of day.

So, what’s the next “karates” genre?

It’s a long-running genre, according to the International Karate Federation (IKF), which has just released a new video in which it describes the genre as “the newest and most exciting of the KataKats” (Karate Kid) meme.

“With a wide variety of styles, styles that are not only unique to Japan, but also around the world, we want to create a wide-ranging, worldwide audience for Karate Kid,” says IKF CEO, Yutaka Tada.

The KataKid meme So what are some of the new karate kids we’re looking forward to?

Well, IKG says there are “many different styles” and that it’s “a good time for a karate movie”.

The video begins with the narrator, who is clearly an American, describing the new trend in karate.

“Karate is about the ability to take risks and be able to move from place to place, from moment to moment,” he says.

“The goal of this karate is to create something more than just a kata.”

The narrator continues to describe a few karate movies, including “Aki,” “Aikido,” and “Gatashi’s Karate,” which the video says is “a karate classic”.

“This movie is really a classic, so we have to find a way to make it a new classic,” he adds.

We’re not sure if there’s any chance that this “karation” genre will ever come to a wider audience outside of Japan.

In a world of pop culture, karate and pop music have become somewhat of a one-trick pony, with fans of each playing a major part in their own unique form of pop music.

And that’s not all.

Karate movies are popular on YouTube, where they’re often viewed by millions of people. 

But that doesn’t mean the “karage” genre is just for the Japanese.

KataKids also seems to be gaining popularity on social media in Europe and Australia, too, with videos showing a range of different styles and styles of karate being shared by the likes of Justin Bieber, Drake, and Justin Timberlake.

However, KataKnives is currently one of the most popular YouTube videos in the world and has more than 11 million views on the video-sharing site.

KataKids is not the only karate genre that’s making waves in Japan.

There are also some newer, “mock karate” styles being made by fans of the sport that are being introduced to a much wider audience. 

The original “mixed karate”, for example, is an art form where a group of people take on each other in mock combat.

Mixed kara is also growing in popularity in Europe, with karate tournaments taking place in several European countries.

According to Tada, the idea of creating a new genre to bring karate to an international audience is something that he and other IKKF leaders have been thinking about for a while now.

“We want to keep it as fresh as possible for the next generation, but we’re also looking for a way for it to be part of a wider culture,” he told CNN.

“We’re looking for different styles of mixed karate, and we’re not just interested in kataKAT, we’re interested in creating a wider range of styles.”

“We don’t want to be restricted to the karate community in Japan, we just want to spread the kara-yoga message to the world,” Tada added.

“It’s time to make karate into a universal sport, and I think it’s time for us to bring together the karate and karate world in a big way.”

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