‘Sid Karate Kid’ movie director wants revenge on ‘Kid’ actor for mocking him on social media

A movie director in the Philippines has been sued for $1.2 million by a “sick” actor who claimed the film director used the “sad” actor’s name in a video.

The Philippines Film Authority (PHAF) on Thursday filed a lawsuit against film director Sergio Gómez-Rodriguez for using the name “Sonny,” which is popularly used by his character in the film Sid Karate Kids.

The actor, a Filipino actor, claimed that Gómesz-Riguez posted a video in which he used the actor’s photo in his trailer and asked people to vote for the actor in the upcoming elections.

The lawsuit alleged that the actor did not want to take his revenge and that the movie director’s comments were not in bad taste, but that the remarks were hurtful.

The film’s director, Sergio Gommando Gómaso, was not immediately available for comment.

According to the lawsuit, Gommandeso used the photo and name of the actor, “Sonnie,” in the trailer of his film Sid Karate Kids in March 2014.

The suit claims that the video was posted on the website of an anti-illegal drugs organization known as The Alliance Against Drug Trafficking, or ADT.

The video, which was deleted by the actor on Thursday, was also shared on social networking sites and social media.

The video also contained a video featuring the actor as “Sid” KarateKid, the character from the film who is a member of a local martial arts organization.

Gómeso is the son of the director of the film and he is also a film critic who has written for the Manila Daily Inquirer, the Daily Star and Philippine Daily Inquires.

The filmmaker, who was not named, has been involved in several movies, including the 2015 movie El Tri, which won the Best Picture award at the Academy Awards.

The lawyer for Gommandso, Manuel Ceballos, told the Inquirers that the film’s producer, David Garcia, has not responded to the complaint.