New ‘Kid’ to Get Free Fitness Class at ‘Kid’s Fitness’ in New York

New York City-based fitness trainer and former UFC fighter John Kovalic is launching Kid’s Fitness on Tuesday with a free workout class for students of all ages.

Kovalic said the class is meant to be a “place for kids to go to get their workout in,” and to give them something fun to do in the gym while they wait for their classes.

The first class will be open to students ages 4-12, with more classes planned for future classes.

“It’s about the kids being able to connect with the people around them, whether it’s a parent, a teacher, a counselor,” Kovalics said.

“It’s really about being able in a safe, nurturing environment, a safe place for them to do that.”

Kovalics opened Kid’s for fitness in 2016, and said it’s been an instant success.

Since its inception, the company has expanded from just one location to two, and today it has more than 2,500 students in New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania and Florida.

Kavalics said he’s seen an increase in participation from students since his company opened in 2016.

“I think the kids who have been doing it for years, they’ve had all these experiences,” he said.

“[They’ve] been doing these classes.

They’ve been doing the workouts.

They’re all on the same page.

It’s just about making it more accessible.”

The class will begin Tuesday at 11 a.m. and will be offered for free until Sept. 1, and the class fee will be $15 per student, or $1,000 for each child.

Kovals first class was held in 2016 and was the first of its kind in the U.S.

Kid’s fitness is one of several fitness and fitness-related companies that Kovalicoi has founded, including New York-based Kettle Gym, which he launched in 2011.

It also offers free classes to families and kids of children in the Kettle Kids program.

In addition to Kid’s, Kovalicas company, which specializes in providing fitness and exercise classes in schools, has more schools than any other in New Zealand, including two in the New Zealand capital, Wellington.

Klevins company is also in the process of building a new gym in Auckland.

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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